Our mission is simple: to be stewards of the Earth by providing safe, natural and environmentally responsible pest control products that are readily available and easy to use. We take pride in our products, our level of customer service and look forward to working with you to help rid our world of poisonous and harmful pest control options. We are located in beautiful Beaufort, SC, surrounded by miles and miles of salt marsh which is the world's largest filtration system. This is the watershed where all the impurities and chemicals enter the sea. Our salt marsh is not as healthy as it once was and toxic and carcinogenic pest control chemicals are a major contributing factor. There is no need! Natures own pest control which is the power of cedar is now harnessed and controls all the annoying pests while protecting beneficial creatures. We appreciate your interest in safe and environmentally responsible practices and look forward to working with you to rid our world of toxic and dangerous pest control chemicals.

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