Greenbug Ultra-Low Volume Fogger

Greenbug products are successfully used via this non-thermal, triple jet fogger. Made of lightweight aluminum construction, the tornado action nozzle and adjustable valve allow you to project mist up to 30 feet and penetrate into the smallest of crevices. Made with an industrial-grade heavy-duty motor, the entire unit is made with rustproof materials and is easy to maneuver. Tank holds up to a gallon of product and can be used indoors to control bed bugs, dust mites, fleas, etc. and outdoors to create pest-free zones that eliminate mosquitoes, ants, ticks, etc. Excellent for use fogging into duct systems and for use in barns. Always use protective goggles and a respirator when using the fogger for safety reasons. • Lightweight aluminum construction • Adjustable valve • Rugged, rust-proof construction • Heavy-duty, industrial-grade motor • Triple jet output to create tornado action • Non-thermal
Greenbug all natural pest control fogger
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