Greenbug Ready-to-Use, one quart

Greenbug Ready to Use provides pest control for both inside and outside.  Some of the pests controlled by Greenbug Ready to Use are mosquitoes, fleas, ants, drywood termites, dust mites, mites, moths, no-see-ems, roaches, silverfish, white fly, grain beetles, garden pests, plus many more!

Directions for Use: Shake well before using.  Do not dilute.
Direct Spray on pests: Can be sprayed directly on pests.  Prolonged control of an area requires multiple applications starting on a bi-weekly basis and tapering to less frequently to maintain the desired level of control.  Spray until a slightly milky liquid is
visible (which will dry clear).
Indoors:  Spray along baseboards, in garbage cans, on bedding, under sinks, inside cabinets, in doorways, along window sills, etc. wherever pest control is desired.  Repeat as needed.
Outdoors: Spray along foundations, inside sheds and garages, directly on plants, in potting soil, on patios and decks, etc. Repeat as needed.

Greenbug Ready-to-Use, one quart
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