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Return Shipping for Greenbug's Rental Fogger At Greenbug, we are devoted to solving pest problems safely. Therefore, we have developed the fogger rental program which allows our customers to treat pests without having to purchase the fogger. We will charge the customer the rental rate plus shipping charges upfront. The rental period begins the day of receipt of the fogger and a grace period of ten days is granted for the customer to use the fogger. By the tenth day, the fogger must be shipped back to Greenbug, Inc. using the pre-printed shipping label provided. When purchasing the Fogger Rental you ARE AGREEING TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS: TERMS: The rental period begins when equipment arrives (easily determined via UPS shipping records) and continues until the return of the equipment to Greenbug, Inc. A return shipping label is included but if lost, the equipment must be sent to: Greenbug, Inc. 5 Burckmyer Drive Beaufort, SC 29907 A confirmation email must be sent to alert Greenbug, Inc. to alternate shipping arrangements. Receipt of shipping delivery notification will end the rental term as long as upon receipt the equipment is undamaged, has been used for Greenbug product(s) ONLY, and is in good working order. If equipment is not shipped within the ten day period, a fee of $25 per day will be charged daily until the equipment is received in a satisfactory condition or until the purchase price of the fogger is reached. SHIPPING and TAXES: Shipping is paid for by the Client. The shipping charges will be added to your invoice. The client is responsible for any and all return shipping costs. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: The client assumes all financial responsibility for the loss or damage of any rental equipment obtained through Greenbug, Inc. including repairs to rental equipment due to misuse, abuse, or accidental damage. The client agrees to inspect all rental equipment upon receipt. Should rental equipment fail to operate correctly, or is damaged upon receipt, the client shall notify Greenbug, Inc. within 24 hours of receipt of equipment in order to remedy the situation. USE OF EQUIPMENT: The equipment is for use with Greenbug products ONLY. The client shall use equipment in accordance with all laws and governmental requirements and the manufacturer's instructions and specifications. The client shall not assign or sublet equipment or allow any repairs, alterations, or modifications of any equipment without prior written consent of Greenbug, Inc. All equipment is cleaned prior to shipment from Greenbug, Inc. It is the client's responsibility that the integrity of the product be maintained during transit. The client shall bear the entire risk of loss or damage to the equipment from any cause, and shall hold Greenbug, Inc. harmless from any and all litigation, losses, costs and expenses arising out of use, possession, or operation of equipment. RETURN OF EQUIPMENT: Upon completion of use, the client shall return equipment to Greenbug, Inc., Beaufort, SC, in substantially the same condition that it was first received. The equipment is for use with Greenbug products ONLY and failure to comply will result in the full charge of the equipment to the client. The client shall be responsible for replacement of any lost or damaged accessories and manuals. The client shall properly pack the equipment for return shipment and shall be responsible for loss or damage caused during the return shipment. PAYMENT TERMS: Rental payment and shipping cost is due at the time of rental. LIABILITY: In no event will Greenbug, Inc. be liable for any consequential, incidental, or exemplary damages, including, but not limited to, loss of use of any equipment, damage to other equipment, damage to personal items, personal property, or cost of substitute equipment and downtime costs. Greenbug, Inc. shall not be responsible for loss or damage to a clients business, property, or for injury or death to persons. The client shall indemnify Greenbug, Inc. and hold it harmless from any claims for any of the foregoing, including associated legal fees and expenses. AGREEMENT: The above terms and conditions are the only terms and conditions under which Greenbug, Inc. will rent equipment. Any alteration or modification must be in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Greenbug, Inc. Permission is granted to print a copy of these terms. BY CHOOSING THE RENTAL OPTION, YOU HEREBY AGREE TO ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE FOGGER RENTAL AS STATED ABOVE.
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