Did you bring bed bugs home with you?

Bed bugs are everywhere and when you travel or go to places with lots of people, it offers an opportunity to bring them home.  If you suspect bed bugs, these Greenbug products can help you with bed bug control.

Spray every possible hiding spot for bed bugs with Greenbug for People/Pets.  This offers contact control for adult bed bugs and eggs of the next generation.  To help you sleep more soundly, lightly spray the Greenbug Ready to Use around the mattress and sleeping area every third night for a few weeks.  This establishes the active ingredient of Greenbug – which is cedar – and it will begin to penetrate your bedding and create a barrier that bed bugs do not like.

Whenever you travel, it is a good idea to follow this protocol on your return just in case!

Although bed bugs have an uncanny ability to live for long periods of time without feeding, if they are NOT fed, the population cannot grow.  Always be diligent and proactively check your home periodically for any evidence of bed bugs so that you can react right away.

Greenbug all natural pest control for bed bugs
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